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Between history, art and culture

If the lake and the nature are not enough for you and you are lovers of history, art and culture, fear not… from Camping Zocco you can reach several art cities in Northern Italy such as Brescia, Mantua, Milan, Bergamo, Venice and Verona. They are all wonderful cities rich in history that we recommend you to visit during your stay on Lake Garda, for an all-round holiday.


Explore the largest Roman Archaeological Area in Northern Italy, the Brescia Castle and the Santa Giulia Museum.

Distance: 40km


City of the Gonzaga family, rich in Renaissance history, do not miss its splendid Palaces.

Distance: 60km

Camping Zocco - Visita alle città d'arte


City of fashion, admire the Cathedral (symbolic monument), the suggestive historic districts and walk along Via della Spiga and Via Monte Napoleone.

Distance: 140km


Visit the Upper Town and the Lower Town, immerse yourself in its medieval history and its small Villages

Distance: 85km


One of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world! Walk through the streets, through its canals and reach Piazza San Marco.

Distance: 165km


 Visit the Roman Arena, Castelvecchio and Juliet’s house, you will fall in love with it. Touching the right breast of the statue of Juliet you will get your fill of luck!

Distance: 55km


The beauty of Italian cities


Camping Zocco - Visita alle città d'arte

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